Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Puppy Dog Sales Technique

Probably The Most Powerfull Selling Technique Ever

Some of you may know this by another name but it all boils down to the same idea.

Here's a quick story:

A wee girl wants a puppy for her birthday. Her Father is not sure this is the best present for the girl but looks into it to check the cost, breeder or pet shop, what kind of dog etc etc. He narrows it down to 2 sellers. He checks one out and everything is perfect. Small dog, reasonable price and has had its vaccination.

However, he wants to be thorough and says he will check out the other seller first before making his decision.

He meets the 2nd seller and he is offering the a slightly larger dog, slightly dearer and has not been vaccinated yet. Straight forward decision for the Father you may think. Well you haven,t met our second salesman. He uses the Puppy Dog Technique which is one of the most powerful selling strategies known.

He invites the father to take the dog home to try it out. See how the kid gets on with it. |See if she is Right for the dog. No charge, Keep it a week and bring it back if it is not suitable. You Have nothing to lose.

Father takes the dog home and lets the kid look after it for a week.

Do you think for one minute that his daughter is going to let him take the dog back. NO WAY!

Father returns to the seller money in hand and buys some more food and other pets supplies.

2nd example. I used to work for Ford Motors and their policy was to give driving instructors a discount on their cars. That's very kind of them you may say.

Kind no, wise, yes. It is purely the puppy dog technique. When I passed my test the car I wanted to buy was the one I learned in. New drivers lack confidence and like to stick to what they know and therefore are more likely to stick to a Ford if the learned in a Ford.

You can use this yourself by offering your product for a months trial. Once the prospect gets used to how your product works he or she will be unlikely to buy another similar product that they don't know.

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